Base Plate

Stickvise is easy to mount directly to a base plate using the two M3 tapped holes on the bottom of the stationary vise jaw. You can find M3 machine screws at the hardware store or online, select a screw length that will work for your base plate. You will need a drill and two drill bits. One should be larger than your screw thread, the other larger than your screw head. For most M3 fasteners a 1/4 inch hole will be fine for the head and a 1/8 inch bit will be larger than the thread.

Stickvise base plate

Grab a piece of wood to use as your base plate. Mark two spots that are 2.5 in. apart as shown above.

Stickvise base plate

Drill each spot all the way through with the 1/8 inch bit, then create a counterbore by drilling halfway through with the 1/4 inch bit.

Stickvise base plate

Install your screws into the counterbores as shown above and attach to the bottom of the vise.

Stickvise base plate

Here is the finished result, a portable base plate to set your project on.

Make your own vise jaws

Vise jaws can easily be made from wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass or any other scrap material you have lying around.

Feel free to add slots, grooves and other cutouts to your existing vise jaws to accomodate special situations.

Get your hands dirty and send me a picture, would love to see what you come up with.

Make a Stickvise from scratch!

If you have the skills and the inclination, it is not too difficult to make your own Stickvise. Here are examples for inspiration:

Martijn's Stickvise: Martijn made a really beautiful Stickvise out of brass and aluminum. He invented his own fantastic jaw plate design using brass angle stock. For more on his very cool build including a nice time lapse video, check out his project page

Martijn's full metal Stickvise

Martijn's full metal Stickvise on its side

Matt's Stickvise: Matt made a quick and dirty Stickvise out of wood and threaded rod, a nice little hack using scraps. For details on his approach, check out his blog post: Mini Project: Home made Stickvise

Matt's wooden Stickvise

Matt's wooden Stickvise

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